The Lonely Existence of Asteroids and Comets


It’s a big universe out there, and information about it can be overwhelming. Teacher and author Mark Weakland helps to make sense of the nature of asteroids and comets in this graphic novel-style book from the “Graphic Library Adventures in Science” series by Capstone Press.   Text boxes chock full of information on these objects from space are framed and complemented by cosmic cartoon panels by artist Carlos Aón.   Different aspects of nature of comets and asteroids are covered, including what they are, what they are made of, their impact on the solar system, and earth (and dinosaurs) in particular, what people in earlier civilizations thought about them, and what and how scientists have found out about them.  The author also raises questions about the future of space observation and exploration for readers to ponder.  The information is organized into chapters, making it even easier for readers to take in.

Recommended for Grades 3-6

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