The Lost Stone

The Lost Stone


This first entry in the new Kingdom of Wrenly series is an excellent beginning chapter book for new readers.  With large text, and numerous illustrations, children should gravitate towards it.  The book is about Prince Lucas, an 8 year old boy, who longs for friends, but his father has forbidden him to play with the peasant children.  After Lucas sneaks out of the castle to go to school with the peasants he is caught, and convinces his parents to let him at least be friends with Clara, the daughter of a seamstress at the castle.  When the queen loses a precious emerald, Lucas and Clara set out to the different lands in the Kingdom of Wrenly, which were inhabited by wizards, fairies, trolls, and mermaids.  Will Lucas and Clara find the emerald?  The book includes an excerpt from the second book to hook children on the series. 

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