The Magic Brush

A Story of Love, Family, and Chinese Characters (2011)
The Magic Brush: A Story of Love, Family, and Chinese Characters (2011)

Jasmine & Tai-Tai’s grandfather Agong comes to live with their family from a faraway land. One day he tells Jasmine that she is ready for magic. Agong asks Jasmine to make a wish and then he puts his hand over hers and they dip the brush and touch it to the paper. The two tell the story of Jasmine’s wishes through Chinese characters, which can be found in each dreamlike illustration. Jasmine & Agong practice their calligraphy all spring until Agong becomes ill in the fall and passes away. Jasmine is sad until one day Tai-Tai wanders into Agong’s room during naptime and Jasmine tells him he is ready for magic. The Magic Brush is a beautifully written and illustrated story. The back of the book includes a pronunciation key, a short history of Chinese art and a description of some of the Chinese treats Jasmine mentions in her wishes.

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