Mama Built a Little Nest


It’s a science book!  It’s a rhyming story!  It’s a picture art book! It’s a bedtime story!  It’s more!  Nature author Jennifer Ward has teamed with collage artist Steve Jenkins to create this versatile book showcasing birds and their habitats--particularly, their nests.  Told in 4-line verse from the young birds’ perspective, the story describes a variety of birds both familiar and exotic, from hummingbirds to hornbills; and a variety of nests: woven, floating, hanging; made of twigs (eagle), feet (emperor penguin) mud (grebe) tree cavities (woodpecker) —even spit (a male swiftlet)! Here’s an example of a verse from a young falcon:  “Mama scraped a simple nest/upon a craggy ledge/she tucked me safe within her wings/until my time to fledge.”  Each featured bird is pictured on a two-page spread, with the verse on the left side, accompanied on the right side by more fascinating facts about the birds’ nesting behavior.  Library storytime-tested and approved, this would be appropriate for group or classroom use, it would also make a good one-on-one laptime story selection.

The book is recommended for kids ages 3-8. 

This review is dedicated to Anna and Kaci.

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