The Man with the Violin



Dylan is the type of boy who sees things that others often miss. One cold day, Dylan and his mom are rushing around town. Dylan notices the details. He sees an old radio, a man reading a newspaper upside down and a child standing on a bench in red boots. His mom pulls Dylan along to their next destination - the metro station. The station is loud, and everyone hurries to find their train.

Then, Dylan begins to hear something. Music fills the space with notes that make “the hairs on the back of Dylan’s neck tickle.” No one pays attention to the man with the violin, but Dylan is drawn to him. He begs his mom to listen to the man’s music, but there isn’t time to stop. All day, Dylan replays the music in his head. Will Dylan ever discover who the man with the violin is?

Broad sweeping lines and lyrical phrases capture the feeling of the music that Dylan hears. While the story is fictional, the author was inspired by a similar occurrence in 2007 when Joshua Bell played his violin in Washington D.C. metro station and included several notes at the end of the story about the event. Highly recommended for students Kindergarten through Grade 3.

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