This is a Moose

This is a Moose

This is a very serious non-fiction book about a very serious documentary film about about a mighty moose in his natural, traditional habitat—CUT!  Book review about This is a Moose: Take Two!

 Duck director Billy Waddler sets out to film a serious documentary about the mighty moose in his natural, traditional habitat, but his subject is far from the typical moose.  This one has big dreams-of being an astronaut!  “CUT!” cries Billy.  But take after take, Moose’s dream, and his extraordinary friends (including a lacrosse-playing grandma moose, a flying chipmunk, a giraffe who dreams of being a doctor) cannot be denied!  Lichtenheld’s pencil, ink, and gouache illustrations are the perfect match for Morris’ zany story, with plenty of details to notice and laugh about, and an underlying message of following your dreams (and overcoming stereotypes) to feel good about.

This is a Moose is especially great for fun-loving dreamers aged 4 to 8!

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