With a Name Like Love


It's the summer of 1957 in Arkansas and 13 year old Ollie is the oldest of Reverend Love's five daughters.  Ollie tries to imagine what it would
be like to live in a house, instead of a traveling from one poor town to another in an old Chevy pickup truck and travel trailer, performing revivals at each stop. When Ollie walks into Binder, Arkansas with revival announcement flyers to pass around town, she notices a scraggly boy slinking along between trees and spying on her.  She learns from some not so nice town's people that the boy, named Jimmy Koppel, has no mother or father to raise him because his mother is in jail for killing his father.  Ollie is warned to stay away from Jimmy because nothing good has ever come from a Koppel.  Ollie feels differently and begs her father to stay in town and right wrongs.  This is a compelling story
with full characters.  Good luck putting this book down. Recommended for grade 6-8.

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