Navigating Early


This is a story about the intersecting lives of two boys living at a boarding school in Maine.  Jack’s father, a military man, enrolled thirteen-year-old Jack in boarding school after his mother died.  There, Jack meets Early Auden, a socially isolated numerical savant who has lost his entire family.  Jack is surprised to learn that one of the school’s legendary athletes who reportedly died in battle, was Early’s older brother.  Meanwhile, Early is fixated on the number “Pi” as he unravels a fantastic story about the infinite numbers that follow 3.14.  When all the other school boys go home to family during break, Jack joins Early on wilderness adventure that begins on a row boat.  As the journey unfolds, Jack discovers eerie parallels between their unfolding adventure and Early’s story of Pi, blurring lines between reality and imagination. This is a coming of age story about the endurance of the human spirit.  The interwoven plot, action, intrigue and humor keep this picturesque novel moving along to a satisfying conclusion. This is a 2013-2014 Read On Wisconsin book. Highly recommended for grades 5-8.

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