No Strings Attached


Professional beach volleyball player Dune Cates and his partner Mac are back in Dune’s hometown of Barefoot William for a volleyball tournament. The beaches of Barefoot William are crawling with bikini-clad groupies, all wanting Dune’s attention, so why can’t he stop thinking about the quiet, socially -challenged Sophie Saunders?


Sophie Saunders has had a crush on Dune Cates since second grade, when he rescued her after she had fallen off her bike.  In the 15 years that have passed, Sophie has followed Dune’s career and her admiration for his kind ways have only made her crush on him stronger.


Pick up No Strings Attached and meet the fun and charming characters that make up the community of Barefoot William. Discover if Sophie, an outsider, can find her place within the tight-knit community and most of all, watch what happens as Dune and Sophie open their hearts and minds to the idea of forever.

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