That Is Not a Good Idea!



Mo Willems takes a familiar tale and adds his signature style. In That is Not a Good Idea!, fox sees a goose and pursues the sweet, innocent creature for his next meal. Step by step, the fox lures the goose farther away from her home until the couple eventually ends up alone in the fox’s kitchen with a pot of boiling water. Building the tension, a gaggle of goslings pop into the action reminding the reader “That is not a good idea!” Will the fox succeed in his devious plot or will the goose be rescued from this evil villain? Remember that this is Mo Willems’ world, and everything is not always what it seems.

Willems adds a twist to the standard tale by setting it to the visuals of silent film. The characters actions are overdramatic and intentional. The dialogue becomes white text on a black background framed in elaborate curlicue lines. And, if you look close enough, you will find Willems’ Pigeon hidden among the illustrations! 

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