One Came Home


It's the summer of 1871 in the small town of Placid, Wisconsin when 13 year old Georgia Burkhardt, a rugged girl with a bullseye shot, sets out to find the truth behind her older sister, Agatha's disappearance.  Georgia knew that she had something to do with her sister's broken engagement to a wealthy older gentleman but Georgia didn't expect Agatha to run off like that.  After the town sheriff is sent to find Agatha and bring her home, he returns with an unrecognizable body wearing Agatha's dress.  Everyone in the family but Georgia, accepts that Agatha is dead.  Georgia sneaks off in the heat of the summer on a mule with one of her sister's former suitors, Billy McCabe to solve the mystery.  On the way, Georgia discovers that she herself has some romantic feelings toward Billy McCabe.  She also discovers evidence about the band of people her sister had run into before she disappeared and that shooting people is far more difficult than shooting pigeons.  Author Amy Timbelake weaves this story between two historical Wisconsin events of 1871, the largest recorded nesting of passenger pigeons that spring and the Great Fire that fall.  Readers of many different genres will enjoy this strange mix of Historical Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Romance and Western.  Find a comfortable seat. Recommended for grade 5-8.

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