Only a Witch Can Fly

Only a Witch Can Fly

No tricks, just treats!  There are many great books with Halloween stories and poems, and many are currently on display at the library.  One of my favorites is Alison McGhee’s Only a Witch Can Fly.  The author uses a beautiful old form of poetry with a mesmerizing rhythm, to relate the feelings of a young girl who longs to fly on a chilly but enchanted Halloween night, even if it means leaving the warmth of home, familiar things, and doubts and fears behind. The linoleum block prints by artist Taeeun Yoo provide a cozy look, a great match for the verse in this partly realistic, partly magical story with its timeless message of letting imagination soar and making dreams come true.  Alison McGhee was one of the children’s authors featured in 2013’s Fox Cities Book Festival, and this book won the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award from 2009.

   Another favorite of mine is Hallowilloween: Nefarious Silliness from Calef Brown, a collection of illustrated poems by the imaginative author/artist.  It’s a cross of silly and scary, with creatures such as the “Oompachupa Loompacabra” who captures its prey with chocolate bars, “The Vumpire” who only works night games, and “Duncan the Shrunken Head”.  The poetry is clever, the illustrations whimsically creepy, just right for school aged kids who want a little something fun for the holiday.


Only a Witch can Fly is recommended for 4-8.    Hallowillloween is great for ages 8-12.

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