bookcover for Outlaw

is an action-packed story taking place in Africa.  The story involves kidnapping, mystery, adventure and a political conspiracy.  The two main characters are Jake – 15, and his sister, Kas – 13, children of the ambassador from Britain to the city of Burkina Faso, Africa. The children are looking forward to spending some time with their parents in a foreign country.  But everything changes when they are kidnapped by a wanted outlaw, Jakuuba Sor.  But who is this outlaw?  Is he really against the government or is he a modern day “Robin Hood”?  These are only a few of the subplots in this fast-paced thriller.

Yakuuba Sor is considered by some to be a terrorist and by others to be a hero of the common folks. Jake and Kas come to realize that things are not as they seem, and that the supposed good guys may not be on the right side after all.   

Technological touches include how to charge batteries without a battery charger; the Mosquito ringtone able to be heard only by young ears; a beetle with a GPS component; and most dangerous, the Predator, a highly effective bomb.

If you enjoy action, adventure, technology, and political intrigue you must read this book.  The constant action and twists will keep both boys and girls hooked.

I would recommend this book for boys and girls in grades 5th through 8th grade.

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