Planet Tad

Planet Tad

A hilarious take on a 7th grade boy's life from the pen of Tim Carvell, head writer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The book is in diary format and follows Tad on various adventures & life lessons throughout the year.

Whether he is fighting with his younger sister, Sophie, disagreeing with his utterly uncool parents, or getting into trouble with his friends Chuck & Kevin, Tad's observations and escapades deliver solid laughter. A typical day in Tad's life goes something like this: "JANUARY 11 [mood: annoyed] Today, Mr. Parker had us diagram sentences again. I told him that I didn't want to have to keep doing this, because the only job where you have to diagram sentences is middle-school teacher, and I plan on being something better than that. He didn't say anything. He just got very quiet and gave us all a pop quiz on diagramming sentences. I got a D."

Clearly, anyone who is (or was) a teenager can relate to Tad. He is a very likable and insightful kid - without any knowledge of either trait, which makes him even more endearing. Parents, if you have a child who is a reluctant reader, especially if they are a middle or high school boy, get this book in their hands! If my review doesn't sell it to them, point out that parts of this book were originally published in MAD magazine. That ought to hook them. And if you, like me, are an adult or teen who appreciates the type of humor Carvell doles out with amazing skill, don't hesitate to read this for yourself.

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