Pretty Deadly



Pretty Deadly has a lot going on.  It’s a rich, complex western narrated by a duo of mysterious creatures—a talking butterfly and skeleton rabbit—starring Death’s daughter and a cast of intriguing characters with uncertain pasts.  But while there’s a lot to balance, it’s all done expertly.


The tale of “death-faced Ginny”, the daughter of Death himself, is presented as just that—a tall tale for the purposes of entertainment, play-acted for the residents of a town in the beginning of the story by a young girl named Sissy to make a living.  But as the story continues, we learn that in this world, magic is real, it’s very dark stuff, and there is an unbalance in it threatening to up-end everything.


Pretty Deadly juggles gritty magic realism along with some interesting genre blending of classic westerns with dark, ancient fairy tales and a sprinkle of Japanese manga and maybe even a touch of French comic art.  Additionally, this is one of those rare comics that is attractive to both male and female readers alike due to its strong, multicultural female characters who never shy away from a fight.  Another welcome pro: the writer and artist of this series are both female—a rarity in comics.


This is hands-down one of the best comics I’ve read in years.  There’s a reason its first print run sold out—this is a must-read!

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