Ready Player One


Ready Player One takes place in a stark, near future where people hide from their dark reality in the OASIS, a virtual world created by James Halliday. As the story takes off lifelong gamer and game creator Halliday has just died and left behind one last game for the ages. I his last will and testament he has bequeathed his entire estate, including control of the OASIS to the first person who can complete his quest in the OASIS.

Our protagonist Wade sees the winning the contest as his only chance to make something of himself and spends nearly every waking moment working on Halliday’s puzzles. Standing in his way is Innovative Online Industries who have created in entire division in their multi-national company to ensure they win the prize and gain control of the OASIS, and they don’t believe in playing fair.

The book is fast paced and littered with reference to the eighties (because Halliday was a 80s fanatic). If you grew up in the eighties you will likely find these references and debate about them a lot of fun. Most of the story takes place in virtual space but the story does spill over into the real world and is pretty dark, as in most stories; good triumphs in the end. I found it a fun read if a little rough around the edges. If good story telling is more important to you than mechanics, this book is for you.  

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