Red Rising

Red Rising

Action-packed, interesting characters, and a well-thought out plot make Pierce Brown's debut novel a winner. Darrow is the main character in this sci-fi thriller. He is a hell digger and a "red", the lowest-class human. He, and other reds, live beneath the surface of Mars where they work in the mines to prepare the surface of the planet for human habitation. What Darrow and the other reds don't know is that the surface of Mars is suitable for life. In fact, humans have been living on the surface of Mars for over a hundred years. This discovery, coupled with the circumstances of his beloved wife's death, pave the way for Darrow to throw a wrench in "gold" society (the upper-class).

I have seen multiple reviews that compare this book to The Hunger Games or refer to it as a "young adult" book. This is definitely a book written for adults and the only comparison I would make is that both books are the first in a planned trilogy and both are phenomenal. I can hardly wait for book #2 (scheduled to release in early 2015)!

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