This is the Rope

A Story from the Great Migration (2013)
This is the Rope


I learned from the author's note of this book that the time period between the early 1900s until the mid 1970s was considered "the Great Migration" where more than 6 million African Americans moved from the south to Northern cities such as New York City.  The book is dedicated to those who left the South to move to the North.


This book is about three generations and one rope, and is told from the point of view of the third generation, a granddaughter.  It begins with a young girl skipping rope in South Carolina.  The rope is later used to tie down belongings when the young girl, now an adult, moves to New York City.  The rope is eventually used by the second generation, the narrator's mother, to skip rope, until its time to move to college.  The narrator trades her grandmother in the end the old rope for a brand new rope to start jumping rope like her predecessors. 


The oil paintings are brightly colored and are highly attractive.  The text is simple enough to share this piece of history with children in lower elementary grades. The book received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.


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