Ruth and the Green Book


It's the 1950's and Ruth's Daddy just bought a 1952 Buick!  Ruth, her Mama and Daddy will be driving it from their home in Chicago to her Grandma's house in Alabama!  The trip starts out pleasant, but as they continue their drive the family encounters white only restrooms and hotels. It's hard for Ruth's family to find places to rest and eat. Ruth feels homesick but a friend they meet along the way tells them to watch out for Esso service stations.  When Daddy later stops at an Esso service station, he buys a copy of The Negro Motorist Green Book. "It lists places in lots of states where we would be welcome to sleep, eat, shop, get a haircut - and all kinds of information besides."  The story ends on a high note and includes a full page history of The Negro Motorist Green Book.

This book would make a great educational read aloud at anytime, but especially during African American History Month. Both children and adults will likely learn some facts about the Jim Crow era. Highly recommended for grades 3-6.

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