Turning thirteen is not just about becoming a teenager for Mibs Beaumont. It is a milestone for her family members who turn the magical thirteen because it is the beginning of their unique savvy. Grandma Bomba can move mountains. Grandma cans radio waves to preserve her favorite songs in mason jars. Mother is perfect. Brother Fish creates wind, rain and hurricanes equal to the intensity of his anger and brother Rocket can spark electricity. What will Mibs’ special supernatural gift be? Follow her family as they deal with acquaintances and schoolmates who think they are strange, to greater circles of adventure when the children hitch a ride on a pink Bible delivery bus to join the critically injured and comatose Mr. Beaumont. Meet lively characters along the way like evil-minded Carlene and ever-so-nice Lill. Empathize with Mibs as she experiences what it is to grow up and learn not to prejudge people. Watch Mibs use her savvy to communicate and solve problems. Will it be of any value in helping her father survive? This heartwarming, family story with its supernatural twist will engage readers

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