The Serpent's Shadow

bookcover of The Serpent's Shadow

The third and last book of the Kane Chronicles.

This third and final book of the Kane Chronicles is the best of the three.  The saga concludes as Carter and Sadie Kane once again try to save the world from the forces of Chaos. The giant Chaos snake Apophis and his rebel magician allies are on the rise. Luckily, Carter and Sadie Kane are back, ready to fight Apophis and restore Ma'at, the order of the universe.  There are some sub plots that Carter and Amy must face in their quest.  Carter needs to help Zia and Ra; and Amy needs to help Walt and at the same time deal with her emotions about Anubis, the god of funerals and death. 

The title implies the basis for the book’s content.  The Serpent refers to the Chaos snake Apophis.  Amy and Carter must capture the snake’s shadow in order to free the world.  The story moves along quickly and is action-packed.  The gods and heroes (or magicians) must work together to save the world in just a few days.  There is plenty of humor, a little romance, and some crazy outfits in this action-packed fantasy.  Again the story is narrated by both Amy and Carter taking turns in recording the events.

If you have read any of the Kane Chronicles you will warm up to this final book and enjoy reading about Amy and Dan’s determination to fight the forces of evil.  They cannot do it without the help of the Egyptian gods and their friends.

I would recommend this fantasy fiction story about mythology for children in grades 4 – 8.

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