Shadow on the Mountain

This work of historical fiction is based on a true story of a boy who spied for the Resistance during the 1940 Nazi occupation of Norway.  Espen is an average teenager whose life is caught up in a time in history that is anything but typical.  Before the occupation he spent his days at school, playing soccer or participating in Scouts.  After the Nazi occupation of Norway, Espen risked his life to deliver underground newspapers for the Resistance, and soon finds himself transporting secret documents and spying on Gestapo intelligence locations.  Espen struggles with his feelings toward his best friend a likeable guy who, faced with the same situation, decided to join the Nazis.  Espen is also surprised to learn that his younger sister has secrets of her own.  She too has put herself and their family in danger by secretly journaling and sneaking ration cards to hungry Norwegians.  This sometimes grim and occasionally funny novel, is a study of the complexity of human nature and the different decisions that people made during this terrible time in human history.  While this book will appeal to those who enjoy historical fiction, it will also appeal to those who enjoy outdoor adventure as Espen travels on both bicycle and skis into the snow covered mountains of Norway.  Find a comfortable seat, because you won’t move for hours.  Recommended for grade 6-9.

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