Sinister Scenes

The Joy of Spooking (2011)
Sinister Scenes cover

Sinister Scenes is the 3rd book of the series about the eerier town of Spooking.  Joy Wells is the heroine of the book. When a movie company comes to Spooking to film a movie based on one of E. A. Pengeot’s horror books, Joy is convinced that Spooking will be recognized as the hometown of her favorite author.  Joy is also an advent admirer of aviator Melody Huxley, who was a former occupant of her home.  When the young star of the horror movie disappears, Joy is asked to audition for the role.  This is the beginning of many events that Joy must face, with the help of her friend and gypsy, Madame Portia, and Al, the elderly groundskeeper.  Subplots include her new role as a movie star, her graduation from elementary school, the upcoming school dance, her crush on Louden Primrose, her annoying brother, and her confrontations with the “villain” Mr. Phipps.  All of these events will lead Joy on a roller coaster ride that will climax at the town’s cemetery.

This is a humorous scary horror story that will keep you guessing.  Joy is a lovable and warm hearted character. You will want to find out what happens to Joy and the movie, what she finds out about Melody Huxley and her connection to E. A. Pengeot. 

The story is a good read on its own, but I would recommend reading the first two books in the series first in order to find out more about the characters, the book’s plot, and the history of Spooking.

The series is recommended for middle school age students in grades 4 through 7.

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