Someone Knows My Name

Someone Knows My Name

Sweeping tale of an African woman, Aminata Diallo, who is kidnapped near her village, at the age of 11, and sold into slavery in the United States. The story spans 60 years of Aminata's life from Africa to the US, then Canada, back to Africa and ending in England, where Aminata writes down her story for the Abolitionist movement in 1803, hoping to bring an end to the slave trade.

This tale is rich in history - I learned many things I never knew and Meena is the perfect narrator. Her strength and resilience are inspiring as she never gives up hope after all she endures. I had never heard of this novel before and, apparently, it has different titles around the world. In Canada, the home of the author, it is known as The Book of Negroes and, according to another reader, it is also known simply as Aminata elsewhere.

Regardless of what it is called, this is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it.

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