Take Me Out to the Yakyu

Take Me Out to the Yakyu


As a children's librarian, there are a couple different subjects that can be difficult to find for very  young children.  This book, Take Me Out to the Yakyu, takes care of two of those subjects, sports and other cultures.  The book teaches young children all about baseball, and teaches older children what kind of differences can be found between baseball and yakyu, as well as the multitude of similarities.  The left hand side of each page is a description of American baseball, and the right hand side is about Japanese yakyu.   Children who love baseball and children who are into Japanese culture will enjoy reading this book.  The illustrations had to grow on me, but I really like them now after reading the book more than once.  The book deservedly received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, School Library Journal, and Kirkus Reviews.

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