The Throne of Fire

The Throne of Fire book cocwr

This is book 2 of 3 in The Kane Chronicles. It is preceded by The Red Pyramid, and followed by The Serpent's ShadowThe Throne of Fire is a 2011 fantasy adventure novel based on Egyptian mythology.

The Kane children are on another adventure to save the world from chaos.  Carter Kane, age 15 and Sadie Kane, age 13, are the main characters.  The story is told in chapters by both Carter and Sadie in the form of an audio tape recording.  With the help of the newly trained magicians, Jaz and Walt, they set off to find the Book of Ra, which will allow them to raise Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun, in order to help them imprison Apophis, the lord of chaos.  If they do not prevent Apophis from breaking free from the underworld than the world will come to an end.  The Book of Ra is broken up into three separate scrolls and scattered all over the World.    Their adventure takes them to the Brooklyn museum, Russia, and Egypt in the pursuit of the Book.  After obtaining all three scrolls they are then transported to the Duat, the Egyptian version of the underworld.  In the Duat there are 12 Houses.  There they encounter other demons and traps, and eventually they find Ra and revive him.

Will the children overcome the many obstacles that they face and save the world?  Will Sadie be able to help Walt from his curse he has inherited from his Egyptian ancestors?  The curse causes its victims to die at a very young age and the more they practice magic, the faster it progresses. What happens back at Brooklyn House?  These are just a few of the challenges and problems that Carter and Sadie and their friends face in their quest.

Readers who have read other books by Rick Riordan will definitely enjoy this new series.  If you have read the first in this series, than this second book is a must to read.

The book is geared for grades 5 – 8.

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