Tippy and the Night Parade

Tippy and the Night Parade


In the morning, Tippy's room is a mess!  Tippy has no idea, however, how it got that way.  When she goes to sleep, she tells her mother she doesn't know how her room gets so messy overnight...but the reader learns how!  Tippy is a sleepwalker who walks out on a dock, through a garden, on lily pads, and several other places, picking up all sorts of items and animals along her way.  Once again in the morning, her room is a disaster, but Tippy doesn't remember anything!  This fun graphic novel from the Toon Book series is great for emergent readers, and even older readers looking for a fun, fast read.  The book reminds me of Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, but for an older audience. 

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