TJ Zaps the New Kid

Stopping a Social Bully (2013)
TJ Zaps the New Kid


The new series TJ Trapper, Bully Zapper, by Lisa Mullarkey published by Magic Wagon is a nice addition to all of the anti-bullying material being published right now.  In TJ Zaps the New Kid, said new kid Livvy is a social bully, who says and does unkind things to her classmates.  When TJ tries to report Livvy's bullying to his teacher he is reprimanded for tattling, and TJ struggles to find another way to end Livvy's bullying. 

The back of the book includes four tips on how to be a bully zapper:  report (this is not the same as tattling), change the subject, ask why, and speak up for your friends. 

There are five more TJ Trapper books dealing with bullies:  the silent treatment, cell phone bullies, gossip, blackmail, and physical bullying.


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