The Unknown Spy

The Ring of Five (2011)
The Unknown Spy book cover

Book two of the Ring of Five trilogy

Danny Caulfield has been recruited to a school known as Wilsons Academy of Devious Arts, a mysterious and secretive school for the training of spies. Danny is caught up in the struggle between the Upper and Lower World. The Ring of Five, the ruling power of the Lower World is struggling to control the entire Lower World in order to invade the Upper World. They must defeat the officials of Wilsons Academy to successfully complete this mission. The Ring of Five tries to persuade Danny, through trickery and deception, to become the true fifth. They believe he is the one to complete the Ring and give them extreme magical power.

In this second book, Danny is sent on a dangerous mission to find a way to protect the Treaty Stone that keeps peace between the Upper and Lower worlds. The Ring of Five is also after the stone and they also have sent two children to retrieve the stone. These children arrive at the Kingdom of Morne, where the stone is kept, before Danny and Dixie. Now the four of them are sent on a contest by the king and whoever solves his riddle will get to leave and whoever doesn’t must stay forever with the “living dead” of the kingdom. Thus there is conflict on both sides to find the answer to the riddle and to be the first ones to find the stone. Lilly, a Cherb, sent by the Ring, tells Danny that she is his sister and they must retrieve the stone and bring it back to the Ring. He must betray his friends Dixie and Les and all of the teachers of Wilson’s. This presents a big dilemma for Danny. Whose side is he on – Wilsons or the Ring of Five? Should he trust Lily? Does he betray his friends? What happens to the Treaty Stone? Some of these questions are answered in this book, but many are left for the last book of the trilogy.

The story is full of secrets, betrayal, friendship, and spy inventions. Fans of the Harry Potter books will enjoy this series.

I recommend this book to both boys and girls in grades 6th and above.

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