The Void of Mist and Thunder

13th Reality
cover for The Void of Mist and Thunder

Book 4 of the 13th Reality Series

In the last book Tick and Jane disrupted the realities when Jane used her blade of shattered hope to try and destroy a reality but broke the other realities. They fixed one problem but made another one.  In this story we find Tick, Mr. Chu and Mistress Jane lost in the Nonex, a no-man’s land of no escape.  The three enemies try to set aside their difference and plan to work together to escape the Nonex.  When they finally get out, they find something mysterious has happened in the 13th Reality.  Their return has caused a rip in the seam of the realities and the fourth dimension in the form of a void of mist and thunder has invaded reality and is attempting to destroy all the known worlds.

Tick is able to rejoin his friends, The Realiants, but only for a brief time before he is captured by Mr. Chu.  Now Tick is told he will be sacrificed in order for Mr. Chu to have absolute power over the realities and the void. The Realiants gather their forces, but the battle is too huge, with Mr. Chu’s forces on one side, and the void and it’s monsters on the other.  Will Tick be able to save the Realiants and stop the destruction of the world?

In this story friends and enemies are forced to work together to keep the realities from being destroyed.  Atticus Higginbottom, Tick, has faced many threats and stopped them all.  But this last challenge is far more evil. They must save the world and stop the destruction the 4th Dimension is causing.  As a solution Mistress Jane and Tick must go into the center of the void to stop it. 

What happens in the conclusion of the story will leave readers satisfied.  It is not your usual happy ever after ending, but it is a good solution to the end of a series.  What becomes of Tick when he meets the void and uses the powers of the Karma is surprising.  This book was a great end to the series.  The story leads the read to the conclusion that it ended while letting it seem to continue with Tick at the helm.

I would recommend this book to readers in 4th through 6th grade who enjoy reading a good science fiction adventure story about space and time.

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