Waking Dragons

Waking Dragons

Attention-grabbing large colorful pictures of dragons and a spirited plotline that parallels a child’s morning routine will win over young children in Jane Yolen’s latest picture book. A small knight awakens huge sleeping dragons, feeds them pancakes with a catapult, brushes their fangs and hurries them out so they can fly him to Knight School. Yolen is a prolific American author, a storyteller, a poet, a former teacher and an editor of folklore, fantasy, and children’s books. Children love her dinosaur titles including How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? and  How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Her picture book Owl Moon won the Caldecott Medal in 1988 (the little girl in the book is modeled after her daughter Heidi). She is often called “America’s Hans Christian Andersen.”  http://janeyolen.com      Recommended for ages 3-8.





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