A Hero is Born (2012)
Wedgieman: A Hero is Born

Superheroes must be strong and do good deeds. From the time he is born, Veggiebaby loves to eat lots of vegetables and play with his food, making broccoli bears and giant green gorillas. He quickly grows into Veggieboy and practices his superhero skills—flying, lifting and helping old ladies. His shape-shifting practice turns him into a carrot, and luckily, back to himself again. He eats more vegetables and becomes Veggieman. When he rescues a boy from a tall tree, twigs stick to his shirt to form a “W” from the “V” and the children immediately call him Wedgieman. Nonstop action, an engaging hero, and delightful humor attract young readers while promoting healthy eating.  Charise Harper, author of the Just Grace series, has created another great superhero for kids.


Recommended for ages 4-8.


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