Where the Mountain Meets the Moon


Minli lives with her mother and father, passing their days trying to eke out a living in rice fields on Fruitless Mountain.  At night, her father, a great storyteller, tells Minli adventures and magical folktales.  Mother, unhappy with the family's difficult life, does not approve of Father filling Minli's head with such nonsense.  After a chance encounter with a goldfish peddler, Minli decides to go on a quest to find The Old Man of the Moon to change their family fortune.  Along the way, Minli befriends a dragon, encounters a talking fish and learns about the "tangled red thread of destiny".  Throughout the text many varied folktales entwine the past and present and connect the characters whom Minli meets along her journey.  This award winning book is highly recommended for grades 4-6.

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