Words With Wings

Words With Wings

Words With Wings, by the author of the Dyamonde Daniel series for young readers, is about a girl named after a creature with wings, the angel Gabriel.  Gabriella loves to daydream, and daydreaming helps her cope with her parent's recent divorce.  However Gabby still craves her mother's and her teacher Mr. Spicer's approval.  Gabby tries to stop daydreaming, but Mr. Spicer encourages her to dream like "the best thinkers, writers, inventors in the world", but tells her, "still, sometimes you have to slide your daydreams in a drawer and let them wait until later, like after I'm done teaching a lesson you need to learn."  The book flows seamlessly from page to page, including several of Gabby's poems.  I highly recommend this book to students in 3rd grade and up.

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