Wrapped In The Flag

A Personal History of America's Radical Right (2013)
Wrapped in the Flag

 Claire Conner was raised in the John Birch Society. Her father, Stillwell Conner was a national spokesman for JBS, and her mother, Laurene, made it her lifelong obsession. Her parents first met Robert Welch in 1955 and three years later paid a considerable sum to be life members of the JBS.

Extremism on any side (be it political, religious, or ethnic) is not pretty. More than anything, this is the story of a young girl being raised by parents who put their ideology above everything else. But in addition to this, her story gives readers a "fly on the wall" perspective of the origins and beliefs of JBS.

Ms. Conner relates the events of history through the lens of ultra-conservatism. Some reactions are predictable, but others may take you by surprise. Integration, assassinations, elections, Vietnam and more are all included here.The opinions of Revilo Oliver, who became a well-known Holocaust denier, as well as the writings of Fred Koch (father of David and Charles) were frequently heard at the family breakfast table.

Claire was a Pro Life spokesperson, but her concern didn’t end there, it extended to life beyond birth. This became one of what would be many dividing points between Claire and her parents, who believed everyone was responsible for their own welfare. They stood for what Robert Welch called a “healthy kind of poverty….that was offset by the enormous blessings of freedom.”  

This is Claire's story of her journey from unquestioning devotion to her parents, and their ideology, to being able to understand and accept other viewpoints. This book is not without bias, but it is well written and provides incredible insight into the origins of the right wing movement in this country. This is especially relevant given today’s headlines about the far right claiming responsibility for shutting down the government and the familiar names behind movements such as “Americans for Prosperity.”


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