Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero

This first book in the new Ghost Buddy series by authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver will capture readers with its genuine, good guy, but clumsy, protagonist Billy Broccoli. Moving into a new house, Billy finds teenage ghost Hoove in his room and learns to accept him and his suggestions. Hoove is determined to help Billy gain confidence and become cool. When Billy is totally embarrassed by the school bully, Hoove conspires with Billy to get even, yet Billy manages to maintain his ethics while coming out ahead. Humorous episodes throughout such as Hoove tricking the bully with TV switching antics, dumping his chips to get him in trouble, swatting him from behind with a broom, and stealing his very secret box (Ghosts can move through walls, of course) add to the fun. Being a 113- year-old ghost, Hoove believes that Gatorade is made from the juice of alligators and refuses to drink it. The book helps readers view ghosts differently and even develop a fondness for them. It teaches a good lesson in how to cooperate with people and solve problems for the benefit of all.

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