Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance


This thought-provoking novel about  seventh grade student Sierra Shepard would be an excellent choice for a class read-aloud or book club.  When honor student Sierra accidentally takes her mom's lunch to school instead of her own, she discovers a paring knife inside the lunchbag.  Knowing that the knife isn't allowed, she immediately turns it in, thinking that its the right thing to do, but is surprised to be immediately taken to the office and handed over to the principal.  The school has a zero-tolerance policy for weapons and drugs.  No exceptions. No excuses.  Sierra is surprised to find herself in trouble, after all, didn't she do the right thing by turning in the knife right away? Sierra's father, a high-powered attorney, takes charge and gets Sierra local and nationwide news coverage.   Sierra begins to spend each school day in in-school suspension while waiting for her case to be resolved, and she begins to forge a new friendship, all the while questioning what is wrong and right.  Will Sierra be able to return to class as usual?  Or will zero tolerance stand?  This book is recommended for students in 6th through 8th grade.

For more information about zero tolerance policies, go to and choose Opposing Viewpoints in Context.  If you are outside the library you will need to enter your library card number.  Enter "zero tolerance" as your search terms and you will find numerous articles on the topic.

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