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As an institution, a library represents hope. It’s a place where people come for introspective pursuits like reading, studying, research and writing. A place where people come to interact and learn from each other. A place where people who have different belief systems and values interact every day. 

As a staff, we honor and celebrate the diversity of our vibrant community. We strive to provide inclusive services and programs that reflect our community’s needs. We respect, value and support you through our commitment to connect you with the information and resources to accomplish your goals. 


Learn, know, gather, grow – your center of community life.


Where potential is transformed into reality.


Everyone belongs here. 

The library is essential to every person and organization achieving their goals. 

The city of Appleton is the city of literacy and learning. 

The library is accessible physically, culturally and intellectually.  

Strategic Pillars 

Hub of Learning and Literacy 
We support and sustain education for all ages. 

Collaborative Environment 
We connect with partners to share knowledge and information. 

Educate and Inspire Youth 
We ensure that children and teens find a supportive place for their futures. 

Creation and Innovation 
We are a platform that sparks discovery development and originality. 

Engaged and Connected 
We focus on how to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Enriched Experiences 
We provide experiences that are timely, inclusive and aligned with community interests.  

Services and Programs for All 
We give our community opportunities for growth, self-instruction and inquiry.