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We have a great selection of downloadable and streaming books and audiobooks. 

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We have hundreds of thousands of items in our collection and expert staff to help guide you to great books, movies and more. 

Book Club in a Bag
Are you in a book club or looking to start one? We make things easy with our Book Club in… .....more details

Book Matchmaker
Simply fill out a short questionnaire and receive a personalized list of book recommendations hand-picked by our staff.  .....more details

Book Packs for Kids
Looking for a quick and easy way to pick up books for kids? We can help. Give us one week,… .....more details

Reading Lists
Don’t know where to get started with a genre, topic or author? Check out our reading lists and discover books… .....more details

These databases can help you pick your next read too.

Book Connections .....more details   |   Lexile  Literature    Designation: Kids  Students  

NoveList K-8 .....more details   |   Education  Lexile  Literature    Designation: Kids  Students