Busy Bags

Looking for something fun to do? Starting on the 15th of the month, sign up for a Busy Bag filled with 5 crafts. Busy Bags are available to Preschool and School Age children – just click on the appropriate link below.

Be sure to check your email after requesting a bag to find out whether you had to be placed on the waitlist or were able to reserve a Busy Bag as only 50 bags are available each month (emails will come from Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate microsoft@powerapps.com).

Around the first of the month, those who successfully reserved a Busy Bag will receive an email containing a link to book their curbside pick-up. 


Preschool Busy Bags
for children between the ages of 3 Years and 5.5 Years old

School Age Busy Bags
for children between the ages of 5 and 12 Years old


If you see the following message when clicking on either of the links


"This form is currently not accepting responses."


you'll need to try again starting the 15th of the month.