1:1 Computer Help

Request a FREE virtual or in-person session with a library staff member or volunteer for up to 2 hours at a time for help with the following: 

  • General internet searches 
  • Creating and using e-mail 
  • Creating social media accounts 
  • Printing and scanning 
  • Using informational and government sites 
  • Other technology and services if applicable 

Staff and volunteers can help with the above but cannot offer legal, tax, and medical advice; recommend or evaluate products; make internet purchases for patrons; or burn copies of media. Please, keep that in mind as you request for a service. 

We may not be able to accommodate all requests for these services. You'll be contacted to set up a mutually agreeable time, subject to availability of staff and volunteers. 

You will be contacted by a library employee, typically within 2 business days, to set up a date and time to meet.

Please only provide info for the contact method you prefer. If both phone and email are submitted, we will use email to contact you.
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