Celebrate Music and Art!

In celebration of Hmong American Day on May 14, 2021, we are excited to announce a new initiative we are working on to raise awareness of the Hmong-American Journey, Community Chords: Engagement through Music and Art. In addition to raising awareness of the Hmong-American journey, Community Chords will highlight the Hmong culture’s love of music, both leisurely and through traditional rituals.  

Are you passionate about public art? We're seeking local artists to submit a design concept for Community Chords. Selected artists will use donated upright pianos as their canvases. The reinvented pianos will then be placed throughout the community to enjoy visually and play instrumentally throughout the month of May.

In addition to artists, we're seeking donors to provide functional upright pianos for the local artists to use as their canvas. To submit an artist or donation application, please visit our Community Chords page

Let’s bring everyone together through this shared love of music, art, culture, and literacy - all components that make Appleton a thriving community.