Contact-Free Curbside Pick-Up

Curbside Appointment Scheduler

Don't forget: you can also come into the library to grab your holds. We are open to the public, requiring unvaccinated ages 2+ years to wear a mask in the building. Your items will still be on the hold shelves, west of the checkout desk, and arranged alphabetically by hold alias. See step 3, below, if you don't know your hold alias. After grabbing your holds, stop at the self-check machines to checkout. You can even load your library card number (and your family members' numbers) into our new app before you come if you don't want to worry about remembering to bring library cards.


Here's how our curbside service works:

  1. When InfoSoup notifies you that your holds have arrived, click on the blue "Curbside Appointment Scheduler" link, above, to make your appointment.
  2. At the time of your appointment, come to the library. No need to call us or check-in when you arrive; your items will already be waiting for you on a cart outside our front doors at your appointment time.
  3. You can find your items on the curbside pickup cart by our front doors in the same way you find your holds on the hold shelves inside the building: with your hold alias, which is the first 2 letters of your first name, the first 2 letters of your last name, and the last 4 numbers of your Library Card number.

    HOLD ALIAS EXAMPLE: Mary Smith #21399441234567 has a Hold Alias of MASM4567


Want to know more? Take a look at our detailed instructions, our simplified instructions, or even just a series of screenshots for our curbside process.


Missed Your Appointment?

If you miss your appointment you will need to contact staff to make a new appointment for you in the system (920-832-6177). Because your items are checked out right before they are placed outside, you will no longer have items on hold and cannot make a new appointment for yourself.

If you know you will miss your appointment, canceling it at least 2 hours ahead of time will allow you to reschedule immediately and not require staff to reschedule for you. Use the "Manage Existing Pickup" option in the appointment scheduler to cancel your appointment.

APL's Contact-Free Curbside Pick-Up