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You’ve found our full list of online resources. Everything listed on this page is free to you, and accessible from anywhere with your library card number with two exceptions: Ancestry and Westlaw require you to be in the library building. Make your selection from the list or filter items by clicking on one of the categories immediately below.

Audiobooks   Business   DIY   Downloads   eBooks   Education   Genealogy   Government   Health   History   Languages   Legal   Lexile   Literature   Local   Magazines   Money   Music   Newspapers   Science   Spanish-Language   Study   Videos   

Ancestry Library Edition .....more details   Access in the Library   |   Genealogy  

Consumer Reports .....more details   |   Magazines  Money    Designation: Goodwill-U  

ERIC .....more details   |   Education  

FlipSide .....more details   |   Local  Music    Designation: Fun  

Fox Valley Memory .....more details   |   Genealogy  History  Local    Designation: APL-Created  Kids  

Gale Courses .....more details   |   Study    Designation: Fun  Goodwill-U  Learning  Students  

Historic Photos Index .....more details   |   History  Local    Designation: APL-Created  Kids  

History Matters .....more details   |   History    Designation: Kids  Students  

History Reference Source .....more details   |   History    Designation: Kids  Students  

Hoopla .....more details   |   Audiobooks  Downloads  eBooks  Magazines  Music  Videos    Designation: Fun  Goodwill-U  

Kanopy .....more details   |   Videos    Designation: Fun  Goodwill-U  

Local Services .....more details   |   Local    Designation: APL-Created  

Mango Languages .....more details   |   Languages  Spanish-Language    Designation: Kids  Learning  

MAS Complete .....more details   |   Health  Magazines  Science    Designation: Kids  Students  

Middle Search Plus .....more details   |   History  Lexile  Magazines    Designation: Kids  Students  

NoveList K-8 .....more details   |   Education  Lexile  Literature    Designation: Kids  Students  

Obituary Index .....more details   |   Genealogy  Local    Designation: APL-Created  

PBS Wisconsin Education .....more details   |   Videos    Designation: Kids  

Platbook Index .....more details   |   Genealogy  Local    Designation: APL-Created  

Primary Search .....more details   |   Health  History  Magazines  Science    Designation: Kids  Students  

PubMed .....more details   |   Health  

Science Reference Source .....more details   |   Science    Designation: Kids  Students  

Teaching Books .....more details   |   Audiobooks  Education  Literature  Videos    Designation: Kids  

Time Archive .....more details   |   History  Magazines    Designation: Students  

TumbleBooks .....more details   |   eBooks  Lexile  Spanish-Language    Designation: Fun  Kids  

ValueLine .....more details   |   Money  

Virtual Reference Library .....more details   |   Study    Designation: Learning  

Westlaw Legal Research .....more details   Access in the Library   |   Legal  

WISCAT .....more details   |   Lexile  

World History Encyclopedia .....more details   |   History    Designation: Students