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Ancestry Library Edition

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    One of the most important genealogical collections available today with coverage of the United States and the United Kingdom, including census, vital, church, court, and immigration records, as well as record collections from Canada and other areas. This collection, with thousands of databases and billions of names, is essential to having a broad genealogy collection, and its valuable content is a strong complement to HeritageQuest™ Online.

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    Connecting on your laptop at the Library

    This resource relies on referring URLs for authentication. This means you can only access Ancestry from the InfoSoup page that our link takes you to, and then only after you enter your library card number on the InfoSoup page. If you bookmark the Ancestry page that you ultimately land on, you will be missing the referral info.

    Browser security settings , anti-virus programs, browser caches, etc. can all get in the way of sending a referring URL. Trying different browsers, private windows, clearing cache etc. are all things you can try if you are having trouble accessing Ancestry on your laptop in the library building.


    What’s the difference between Ancestry Library Edition and a personal, paid account with Ancestry?

    1. With the Library Edition, the user cannot upload documents, photos, add stories, or interact with users of the regular edition of Ancestry.
    2. Information cannot be shared within the program.
    3. The Ancestry World Tree and Message Boards are “read only” for those using the Library Edition.