New York Times Online

You can now access unlimited New York Times articles remotely and at the Appleton Public Library.

1. Click the link to go to this resource and then click REDEEM
Animated GIF: click the link to go to this resource; then click REDEEM


2. Click LOGIN (if you already have created an account; if you haven't, create your account at this step)
Animated GIF: click LOGIN


Animated GIF: login with the email and password used for your New York Times account


4. Click the New York Times LOGO at the top, center of the screen to go to the site
Animated GIF: click on the NY Times logo


After creating your account/logging in, you will have access for 3 days (72 hours).

Once the 72 hours passes, you will need to come back to our site to connect and login again.

* * If you are stuck in a loop of logging in, seeing an article for a moment, and then are immediately asked to log in again, please clear your browser cache --OR-- use a different browser. * *



Here's the entire process:

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