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RBdigital Audiobooks provides access to thousands of downloadable audiobook titles published by Recorded Books. For most all titles, there will be no waiting: if you see it, you can get it. The exception to this are "Coming Soon" titles, and "Single Use" titles. "Coming Soon" titles are audiobooks that aren't yet released to the platform, but are scheduled to soon be available per an agreed upon release date with the publisher. "Single Use" titles are additional titles APL purchases that only allow one user at a time; in those cases, you will need to place a Hold to be added to the list.

Helpful Hints & Links
Get the correct App
• The name of the library is Outagamie Waupaca Library System - Owlsnet; if you just start out by typing 'out' it will appear as a dropdown.

Having technical difficulties with downloading or opening titles? Please contact them directly at yoursupport@recordedbooks.com


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