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Adult Books

Cannell, John
Secrets of Houdini
Dover Publications, Inc., 1973
793.8092 Hou Wisconsin Collection
Cannell, a colleague of Houdini, reveals inside information on Houdini’s world famous tricks.


Christopher, Milbourne
Houdini: A Pictorial Biography
Gramercy Books, 1998
793.8092 HouC
A fascinating pictorial biography of a master magician and folk hero


Christopher, Milbourne
Houdini: The Untold Story
Crowell, 1969
793.8092 Hou
From records and the memories of those who knew him, the true story of the incredible performer who “made the impossible, possible” comes alive.


Cox, Clinton
Houdini: Master of Illusion
Scholastic Press, 2001
793.8092 HouC
Traces Houdini’s rise from humble beginnings to become the greatest magician and illusionist of all time.


Epstein, Beryl
The Great Houdini
Amereon Ltd. 19--? (Reprint of 1951 edition)
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection
A biography that captures the spirit of Houdini and his times.


Ernst, Bernard
Houdini and Conan Doyle: The Story of a Strange Friendship
B. Blom, 1972 (Reprint of the 1933 ed.)
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection Reference
A series of letters between two men who were interested in the mystery of life and death; Doyle, a believer in psychic powers and Houdini exposer of psychic shams.


Fago, John
Pendulum Press, 1979
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection Reference
Presents in cartoon format the life of one of the most famous magicians and escape artists of all time.


Fitzsimons, Raymund
Death and the Magician: The Mystery of Houdini
Atheneum, 1980
793.8092 Hou
A biography that also reveals the secrets to some of Houdini’s most famous and puzzling tricks.


Gibson, Walter
Houdini’s Fabulous Magic
Chilton Books, 1961
793.8 Gib
This book is an explanation of Houdini’s most famous tricks including the straitjacket escape, the underwater box escape, the vanishing elephant, plus many more.


Gibson, Walter
Houdini On Magic
Dover Publications, 1953
793.8 Gib – Wisconsin Collection
A compilation of Houdini’s rough and finished notes on a variety of magic tricks.


Gresham, William
Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls
Manor Books, 1959
793.8092 Hou
The story of the great magician, illusionist and escape artist, a legend even during his life time.


Henning, Doug
Houdini: His Legend and His Magic
Times Books, 1977
Hennings pays homage to Houdini, the greatest illusionist of all times.


Hilgert, Ronald
Houdini Comes To America
Houdini Historical Center, 1996
793.8092 HouH – Wisconsin Collection
Details the early years of the Weiss family in Appleton, Wisconsin.


Hugard, Jean
Houdini’s “Unmasking”: fact vs fiction
Magicana For Collectors, 1989
793.8092 HouH – Wisconsin Collection
These are Houdini’s writings on the controversial claims of Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, his one time idol.


Houdini, Harry
Miracle Mongers and Their Methods
Prometheus Books, 1981 reprint
793.8 Hou
Harry Houdini examines the claims of those in his own profession and debunks the most outrageous claims.


Houdini, Harry
The Right Way To Do Wrong
Amereon House, 19---?
364 Hou
Houdini exposes the various tricks and methods charlatans use to defraud people.


Koval, Frank
The Illustrated Houdini Research Diary
Frank Koval Productions, 1992-1993
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection Reference
2 volumes
Very useful to other Houdini researchers these volumes organize the myriad of information on Houdini that appeared in various books and magazines.


Kraske, Robert
Harry Houdini, Master of Magic
Scholastic Inc., 1973
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection Reference
A brief biography of Ehrich Weiss who gained renown as Harry Houdini, master magician and escape artist.


Salm, Kathy Cogger
Harry Houdini, An Appleton Original
K.C. Salm, 1989
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection Reference
6 volumes
Written for children in grades 1 through 6, each volume is for a different grade level.


Silverman, Kenneth
Houdini!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss
HarperCollins Publishers, 1996
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection
Using scrapbooks and diaries that no other biographer has used, Silverman presents a fresh look at the life of Houdini.


Weltman, Manny
Houdini: Escape Into Legend, the Early Years, 1862-1900
Finders/Seekers Enterprises, 1993
793.8092 HouW. – Wisconsin Collection
An in-depth exploration of Harry Houdini’s early career.


Weltman, Manny
Houdini:A Definitive Bibliography
Finders/Seekers Enterprises, 1991
793.8092 HouW – Wisconsin Collection
A bibliography and description of the books and magazine articles written by Houdini.



Children's Books

Cox, Clinton
Houdini: Master of Illusion
Scholastic Press, 2001
921 H81ch
Traces Houdini’s rise from humble beginnings to become the greatest magician and illusionist of all time.


Lakin, Pat
Harry Houdini Escape Artist
Aladdin Paperbacks, 2002
921 H81Lh
Describes how Harry Houdini worked hard to become a magician known throughout the world.


Lalicki, Tom
Spellbinder: The Life of Harry Houdini
Holiday House, 2000
921 H81ls
The author provides an exciting look into the life of Houdini. Contains many photographs.


Kulling, Monica
The Great Houdini
Random House, 1999
921 H81k
Describes how the young Hungarian immigrant Ehrich Weiss worked to become the great magician, Harry Houdini.




Congress Video Group, 1986
30 minutes
793.8092 Hou – Wisconsin Collection
A career history of Houdini. Includes interviews with his niece, and other illusionists and escape artists.


Houdini: The Great Escape
A&E Home Video, 1994
50 minutes
793.8092 Hou
Chronicles the life and career of Harry Houdini


Houdini Never Died
Wombat Productions, 1978
28 minutes
793.8 Hou
An overview of the life of Harry Houdini and his influence on all facets of magic in America.


Houdini: The Life of the World’s Greatest Escapologist
White Star, 1993
60 minutes
793.8092 Hou
This program traces Houdini’s career as a magician, and spiritualist, and explores his fascination with death.


Man From Beyond
Video Yesteryear, 1985
91 minutes
793.8092 Man – Wisconsin Collection
A black and white melodrama of suspended animation and reincarnation.


The Truth About Houdini
Wm H. McIhany, 1998
51 minutes
793.8092 Hou
A documentary of Harry Houdini, showing some of his magic and scenes from the séance held after his death.



Audio Cassette

Houdini, The Final Séance
793.8092 Hou
Original radio broadcast from “Final séance,” produced by George Garabedian, narrated by George Boston featuring the voices of Mrs. Harry Houdini & Dr. Edward Saint.