Sports Fiction for Teens (YA collection)

Athletes & sports enthusiasts alike - this list is for you!  The books in this list cover a wide variety of sports, from baseball to karate and all things in between.

* (RR) indicates YA Rapid Reads collection


Alexander, Kwame     Swing

Chabon, Michael     Summerland

Cormany, Clay     Fast-Pitch Love

Cozzo, Karole      The Game Can’t Love You Back

de la Peña, Matt     Mexican White Boy

Deuker, Carl     Golden Arm

Gaetz, Dale     No Problem (RR)

Gerhardt, Jake     My Future Ex-Girlfriend

Gibney, Shannon     See No Color

Hazelgrove, William Elliott     The Pitcher

Martin, R.T.     The Turnaround (RR)

McGinnis, Mindy     Heroine

Wallace, Becky     Stealing Home

White, Ellen Emerson     A Season of Daring Greatly


Birdsall, Bridget     Double Exposure

de la Peña, Matt     Ball Don’t Lie

Deuker, Carl     Swagger

Farizan, Sara      Here to Stay

Feinstein, John     Foul Trouble

Herbach, Geoff     Hooper

Hoffmeister, Peter Brown     This Is the Part Where You Laugh

Quick, Matthew     Boy 21

Reck, Jared     A Short History of the Girl Next Door

Ribay, Randy     After the Shot Drops

Tingle, Tim     A Name Earned;  No More No Name


Connelly, Neil O.     Brawler

Deming, Sarah     Gravity

Easton, Tom     Girls Can’t Hit

Holt, K.A.     Knockout


Bradley, John Ed     Call Me By My Name: a novel

Brouwer, Sigmund     Cobra Strike (RR)

Coy, John     Crackback

Elkeles, Simone     Wild Cards

Feinstein, John     The Walk On

Glines, Abbi     Making a Play

Harmon, Michael     Stick

Heldring, Thatcher     The Football Girl

Henning, Sarah     Throw Like a Girl

Herbach, Geoff     Cracking the Bell

Honeyman, Kay     Interference

Jones, Patrick & Brent Chartier     At All Costs (RR)
Kester, Eric     Gut Check

Klare, Shannon     Surviving Adam Meade

Klass, Perri & David Klass     Second Impact

Lupica, Mike      Last Man Out

Lynch, Chris     Hit Count: a novel

McClintock, Norah     From Above

Meehl, Brian     Blowback ’07: When the Only Way Forward Is Back

Monninger, Joseph     Game Change

Schroeder, Lisa     The Bridge From Me to You

Segal, Gilly     I’m Not Dying With You Tonight

Smith, Andrew     Winger; Stand-Off

Tharp, Tim     Knights of the Hill Country

Volponi, Paul     Top Prospect


Carter, Caela     Tumbling: a novel

Gallagher, Diana     Lessons In Falling

Iacopelli, Jennifer     Break the Fall


Biren, Sara L.     Cold Day In the Sun

Siegert, Mia     Jerkbait: a novel

Vivian, Siobhan     We Are the Wildcats (field hockey)


Crutcher, Chris     Ironman (triathlon)

Kenneally, Miranda     Breathe, Annie, Breathe

Myers, Walter Dean     Darius & Twig


Fujimura, Sara     Every Reason We Shouldn’t

Johnson, Abigail     Even If I Fall

Morrill, Lauren     Being Sloane Jacobs (skating & hockey)

Ockler, Sarah     Bittersweet


Sappenfield, Heather     Life at the Speed of Us

Spagna, Ana Maria      The Luckiest Scar on Earth


Coleman, K.R.     The Recruit (RR)

Garcia, Kami     Broken Beautiful Hearts

Keats, Israel     The Heir (RR)

Klass, David     Loser Takes All: a novel

Kreie, Chris     The Captain (RR)

Padian, Maria     Out of Nowhere

Spears, Kat     Breakaway: a novel

Stokes, Paula     The Art of Lainey


Calame, Don     Swim the Fly

Doming, Amy Fellner     A Matter of Heart

Jayne, Hannah     The Dare

Smith, Sherri L.     Pasadena


Bashford, Taryn     The Harper Effect

Norriss, Andrew     Mike

Stokes, Paula     Girl Against the Universe


Carpenter, Nora     The Edge of Anything