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Books in the Wisconsin Collection

WR 352.1 App
[Official] Directory of the City of Appleton
Office of the City Clerk

This is the city's annual record of officials and statistics. It also includes a short history of the city. The library owns the directories for 1925-26, 1935- 36, 1942-47, 1949-53, and 1955 to the present.



WR 378.775 Schu
Creation of a Campus
Marguerite Ellen Schumann

A short, anecdotal history of Lawrence University. concentrating on the history of its buildings. (1957)



WR 917.753 Wel
Welcome to the Fox Cities
Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A promotional pamphlet about the cities of the Fox River Valley, including brief reports on the area's history, transportation, public safety, housing, agriculture, business and industry, shopping, recreation, education, arts and culture, entertainment, environment, health care, places of worship, and sports. (1977)



WR 917.753 Yar
Yarns of Yesterday

As a project to commemorate the nation's Bicentennial in 1976, the Friends of the Appleton Library published this collection of memories by Outagamie County residents, age 60 or older. (1977)



WR 917.7539 App
Appleton City Directory

The library has city directories dating from the very first published for Appleton in 1874. These directories list residents and businesses of Appleton by name, address, and telephone number. (Since 1874)



WR 917.7539 App
Appleton Postcard Scenes and Business Letterheads

Painted postcards and business letterheads from the early part of the twentieth century have been accumulated in this volume. (No date)



WR 917.7539 MacN
Appleton, Wisconsin, Illustrated
George McNamee

Photographs of sites in Appleton from the late 19th century. (1892)



WR 917.7539 Out
Outagamie County Directories

The library has directories listing residents, addresses, and telephone numbers. The earliest directly is dated 1928, with no others until 1958. Since then, the directories have been published on a regular basis.



WR 917.756 Art
Art Work of the Lower Fox

A short history of the Lower Fox River accompanies photographs of the river dating from the turn of the century. (1902)



WR 917.756 Val
Valley of the Lower Fox: historical, descriptive, picturesque

Contains photographs from the late nineteenth century of the communities of the Fox River Valley. (1887)



WR 920 Com
Commemorative Biographical Record of the Fox River Valley

Published in 1895, this book contains "biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families" for Brown, Outagamie, and Winnebago counties.. The name index to the book is a separate volume, located at 920 Bail (1895)



WR 920 Hol
Badger Saints and Sinners
Frederick Lionel Holmes

This collection of biographical portraits of famous Wisconsinites includes a chapter on Eleazar Williams, whose schemes indirectly led to the founding of Appleton. The author puts Williams on the "sinner" side of his title. (1939)



WR 921 Wil
Eleazer Williams 1821-1921
Deborah Beaumont Martin

A brief biographical study of Eleazar Williams, the man indirectly responsible for the founding of Appleton. (1922)



WR 944.035092 Lou
Prince or Creole? The Mystery of Louis XVII
Publius Vergilius Lawson

A biography of Eleazar Williams, taking the position that he was, in fact, the lost King of France, Louis XVII. (1905)



WR 970.3 His
The History of the Hochungra People (Winnebago Tribe) of Wisconsin

A short history prepared for use in classrooms. (1988)



WR 970.3 Kec
The Menomini Indians of Wisconsin
Felix Maxwell Keesing

This is a scholarly study of the Menomini tribe of Wisconsin by a professor of anthropology at the University of Hawaii. (1971)



WR 970.3 Law
The Winnebago Tribe
Publius V. Lawson

A publication of the Wisconsin Archeological Society, this work is concerned primarily with early Winnebago settlements. (1907)



WR 970.3 Our
The Menominee Indians: A History
Patricia K Owrada

A thorough history of the Menominee Indians by a professor of history at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho. (1979)



WR 970.3 Ox
l The Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe
Shelly Oxley

A brief history presented in the format of a study guide and workbook for students. (1988)



WR 970.3 Oxl
A History of the Menominee Indians
Shelley Oxley

A short history written for use by students. (1988)



WR 970.3 Oxl
The History of the Oneida Indians
Shelley Oxley

Another in a series of brief histories of Wisconsin's Indian tribes. (1988)



WR 970.3 Rit
The Oneida Indians of Wisconsin
Robert Eugene Ritzenthaler

This publication of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee provides only a brief historical sketch. The main emphasis of the work is a sociological study of the Oneida Indians. (1950)



WR 970.477 Rad
The Winnebago Tribe
Paul Radin

This study of the Winnebago Indians was originally published as a part of a report by the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1923. (1970)



WR 970.4775 Lur
Wisconsin Indians
Nancy Oestreich Lurie

A short and concise history of Wisconsin Indians, including detailed reports of their land cessions. (1980)



WR 970.4775 Mor
Early Indian Tribes of Wisconsin
W. E. Morton

This book provides a brief description of the Indians of Wisconsin at the time of the white man's arrival, and the subsequent events in the history of each tribe. (No date)



WR 970.4775 Rit
Prehistoric Indians of Wisconsin
Robert E, Ritzenthaler

Based on archeological evidence, this book explains the manner of life of the Indians of Wisconsin prior to the arrival of Europeans. (1953; 1979; 1985)



WR 977.5 His
History of Northern Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development, and resources; an extensive sketch of its counties, cities, towns and villages, their improvements, industries, manufactories; biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; views of county seats, etc. ...

This book provides brief historical sketches of many Wisconsin counties, including Outagamie. It also features a short history of Appleton and information about prominent area citizens, businesses, and organizations. (1881)



WR 977.5 Sta
Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
State Historical Society of Wisconsin

These volumes contain articles from the holdings of the State Historical Society, including material dealing with Appleton's history. Consult these subject headings in the index volumes: Appleton; Fox Indians; Grand Chute; Lawrence University; Menominee Indians; Williams, Eleazar; Winnebago Indians. (Since 1903)



WR 977.5 Wis
Wisconsin Magazine of History
State Historical Society of Wisconsin

These bound volumes of the magazine contain several articles about the early history of Appleton. The best articles are, "Lawrence College," by Samual Plantz (Vol. 6, p.44), and "Appleton," by William Raney (Vol. 33, p. 135). For additional articles, consult the index volumes under these subject headings: Appleton; Fox Indians; Fox River; Grand Chute: Lawrence University; Menominee Indians: Sampson, Rev. William H.: Smith, Reeder Williams, Eleazar Winnebago Indians. (Since 1917)



WR 977.539 App
Appleton Diamond Jubilee
The Post-Crescent

Published in 1932, this special issue of The Post-Crescent is devoted to a history of Appleton up to that time. (1932)



WR 977.539 App
Appleton Review

A weekly magazine that was published in Appleton during the early 1930s. It contains poems, editorials, and small items of local interest. (1930-1932)



WR 977.53 App
Appleton's 75th Anniversary Celebration and George Washington Bicentennial
Appleton Review

This souvenir edition of the Appleton Review is devoted to a look at Appleton as it was in 1932. (1932)



W 977.539 App
Our First 100 Years
Appleton Centennial Inc.

Written for Appleton's Centennial celebration in 1957, this book provides a brief history of the city's first 100 years. (1957)



WR 977.539 Pho
Photo Portfolio
Appleton Free Library

This photo album from the late nineteenth century contains portraits of area residents and some scenes of Appleton at that time. (No date)



W 977.539 Hel
Appleton, Wisconsin: The Early Days
Olga L. Heller

An anecdotal history of Appleton written for children. (1977)



WR 977.539 Cit
City of Appleton 1989 Historic Sites Inventory

Meant as a supplement to The Historic Building Survey (1978), this report provides more detailed information on several important historic buildings and sites. The work contains some excellent, detailed photographs. (1989)



WR 977.539 His
Historic Building Survey, Appleton, Wisconsin

This is a study of the historic and architecturally significant buildings in Appleton. Each entry contains a picture of the building, a description, and historic information. (1978; U of WI Digital Collections has digitized the content for online viewing)



W 977.539 Ire
I Remember, I Remember
Outagamie County Historical Society

A collection of memories in prose and poetry of life in Appleton and Outagamie County many years ago. (1987)



W 977.539 Kel
College and Oneida
Carolyn Kellogg

In this work, local historian Carolyn Kellogg presents a partial history of Appleton's downtown, centered at College Avenue and Oneida Street. The book covers the period of the early settlers through the development of The Avenue shopping mall. (1986)



W 977.539 Kor
The Fox Heritage
Ellen Kort

A popular history of the communities of the Fox River Valley, filled with photographs and illustrations. A special section of the book is devoted to histories of prominent area businesses. (1984)



WR 977.539 Nel
Appleton in World War II
Evelyn Edyth Nelson

Brief biographical information about the men and women from Appleton who served in the armed forces during World War II. (1946)



W 977.539 Out
Land of the Fox

A history of Outagamie County published to coincide with Wisconsin's centennial, this book is filled with detailed historical information on communities in the county. (1949)



WR 977.539 Out
Outagamie County, Yesterday and Today

Provides a brief sketch of the development of Outagamie County. (1925?)



W 977.539 Rya
History of Outagamie County
Thomas Henry Ryan

Along with providing detailed historical accounts of community affairs, this book is the primary source of biographical information on early county residents. See the separate name index volume at the same call number. (1901)



W 977.539 Spe
The Pioneers of Outagamie County: containing the records of the Outagamie County Pioneer Association, also a biographical and historical sketch of some of the earliest settlers of the county and their families, their children, and grand-children
Elihu Spencer

Provides brief biographical portraits of the first settlers in Outagamie County. (1895)



WR 977.539 Stu
Study of Social Conditions in Appleton, Wisconsin
Students of Lawrence University

In 191 1, the American Cities class of Lawrence University compiled this account of the social conditions in Appleton. The report includes details on business, government, education, recreation, and general physical conditions of the city. (1911)



WR 977.53905 Fox
Fox Citian

The Fox Citian was a monthly magazine published in 1967, providing a contemporary look at activities in the Fox River Valley communities. (1967)



WR 977.53905 His
History Today
Outagamie County Historical Society

While serving primarily as a newsletter of the Outagamie County Historical Society, occasional articles on local history appear in these volumes. (Since 1976)



WR 977.56 App
View Bicentennial Issues
The Post-Crescent

This volume consists of four issues of the "View" supplement to The Post-Crescent, all of which were devoted to the history of the Fox River Valley. (1976)



WR 977.56 App
Wisconsin State Centennial
The Post-Crescent

This special edition of The Post-Crescent com- memorated Wisconsin's centennial in 1948. Some articles on local history appear along with material covering the state. (1948)



WR 977.56 Gla
Historic Tales of the Fox River Valley
Giles Clark

Short historical essays about northeastern Wisconsin at the time that the first Europeans arrived. (1973)



WR 977.56 MacL
Pioneer Life in the Fox River Valley
Annie Susan McLenegan

A brief account of the settlement of the Fox River Valley published by the State Historical Society. (1906)



WR 977.56 O'Ke
Story of the Fox River Valley, 1634-1880
Mary A. O'Keefe

A concise account of the history of the Fox River Valley, including information on the region's geography, the Indian tribes, early exploration and settlement. (1931)



WR 977.56 Tit
History of the Fox River Valley, lake Winnebago, and Green Bay Region [Three Volumes)

A flowery, old-fashioned history of the Fox River area. The information on Appleton is primarily limited to an article on Lawrence University. That article appears on page 537 in Volume II. The index is contained in a separate, paperbound book catalogued at the same number. (1930)



WR 977.561 Voy
Brown County Historical Society

This periodical is an historical review of Brown County and Northeastern Wisconsin published by the Brown County Historical Society. (Since 1984)



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Videotapes in the Audio-Visual Area

977.539 Bic
Bicycle Safety
Appleton Police Department

Originally produced in 1935, this silent color film was meant to instruct students in safe bicycle riding. The real value of the film today is in its glimpse of Appleton as it looked in 1935, with street scenes and appearances by local public officials. ( 1985?; VHS; 10 minutes)



711.4 Rep
Report to the Community: Downtown Development

A taped account of the 1984 press conference in which developers and city officials announced plans for Appleton's downtown mall, The Avenue. (VHS; 75 minutes)


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Audio-Visual Materials in the Wisconsin Collection

W331.7 His
History and Development of Occupations in the Fox River Valley
Now and Then Radio Program

A series of 104 interviews on audiotape with people who know about, or were employed in, occupations important to the history of the Fox River Valley. Among the occupations covered are those in government, transportation, the arts, communications, industry, and services. (1979)



W 917.7539 Our
Our Appleton
Appleton Area School District

This sound filmstrip was produced to introduce children to the history of Appleton. A teacher's guide with recommended activities is included. (1982)



W 977.539 Dra
40 Years at Lawrence University
Dorthy Draheim

This audiotape, part of the "Now and Then" radio program, consists of an interview with Dorothy Draheim, who recalled her years serving as the registrar at Lawrence University. (1978)



W 977.539 Ear
Early Appleton: the river, the land and its people
Appleton Area School District

A sound filmstrip prepared to explain Appleton's early history to children. A teacher's guide is included. (1982)



W 977.539 Mem
Memory Believes Before Knowing Remembers
Outagamie County Historical Society

A history professor at Lawrence University conducted a seminar on local history at the Appleton Library in the autumn of 1981. This is an audio recording of the group's discussions. (1981)



W 977.539 Tra
World Traveller
Mabel Okee Traiser

In this audiotape interview conducted for the Now and Then radio series, Appleton resident Mabel Okee Traiser recounts incidents from her life. (1978)


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Wisconsin Files

  • Many pamphlets, articles, and state documents can be found in the Wisconsin Files in the Wisconsin Collection under the following subject headings
    • Appleton Wis
    • Appleton, Wisconsin - History
    • Appleton, Wisconsin - Officials and Employees
    • Appleton, Wisconsin - Politics and Government
    • City Planning - Appleton
    • Electric Power Plants - Appleton
    • Fox River, Wisconsin - History
    • Fox River Valley, Wisconsin
    • Fox River Valley, Wisconsin - History
    • Grignon Family
    • Historic Buildings - Appleton
    • Historic Sites - Appleton
    • Industry
    • Outagamie County, Wisconsin - History
    • Pioneers
    • Wisconsin - History

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Post Crescent Index

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  • The library has the following local newspapers on microfilm
    • Appleton Crescent 1853-1920
    • Appleton Post 1856- 1920
    • Appleton Motor 1859-1966
    • Appleton City Times 1870-1871
    • Evening Times 1874-1875
    • Volksfreund 1874-1929
    • Appleton Post-Crescent 1920-1965
    • Post-Crescent Since 1965

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The library owns bound copies of Outagamie County plat maps, located in the 912 area of the Wisconsin Collection, which provide information on land ownership. Holdings are from various dates.

Another plat map, showing the original land owners of Outagamie County, can be found in the Wisconsin Files under "Outagamie County, Wisconsin."

Many old maps of the city of Appleton and the Fox River Valley are in the map cases located in the Wisconsin Collection.

Additionally, you can search by name in APL's Platbook Index to see if property is listed under that name in one of the older platbooks. Some of these search results link to digitized versions of the plat maps that are part of the State of Wisconsin Collection for the University of Wisconsin's Digital Collections program. (APL has also contributed items other than platmaps to the digitization project that can be viewed online.)

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Other Sources

A unique source of local history is provided by the yearbooks published by Appleton high schools, The library owns a nearly complete collection for the public high schools and a few from the parochial schools. The books are located in the Wisconsin Collection 371.8 App, with the most recent books kept in storage.

In the 977.5 section of the Wisconsin Collection are many books devoted to the general history of Wisconsin. Consult the index of each book for references to Appleton.

The Dictionary of American Biography, at 920 in the Reference Collection, provides brief biographical sketches of three figures important to the early history of Appleton: Samuel Appleton, Amos A. Lawrence, and Eleazar Williams.

Census records for Wisconsin maintained on microfilm are also available at the library.